Apartment Trends9 of the Most Important Amenities for Renters Today

October 9, 2021

Today’s rental market is saturated with competition. Prospective tenants who want to move into a certain area may have scores of apartment complexes from which to choose, not to mention homes, trailers, and other properties owned by private landlords. It’s vital to have your property stand out from the crowd, but it can be challenging to do so.

Amenities often make the difference between winning over great tenants and losing them to the competition. Of course, basic features of the apartment such as efficient heat & air conditioning, inclusion of a washer/dryer unit, and extra storage space play a huge role in attracting good renters. However, there are also several other amenities that tenants may want when looking for a new home — and the more of these amenities you can offer, the more likely it is that you’ll get those tenants to sign on the dotted line.

Let’s talk about 9 of the most important amenities that renters are looking for today:

1. Smart Home Devices

Approximately 37% of renters choose smart home devices as being the most important amenity when choosing an apartment. 

These include temperature control systems, home security systems, and monitoring hardware. Renters with pets may be looking for smart technology that allows them to keep an eye on their furry companions even when they’re at work or away from the home. Of course, temperature control devices offer unparalleled convenience in terms of comfortable living indoors.

2. Gym/Recreational Sport Facilities

Almost 30% of renters want to have a gym or recreational sports facility on-campus.

More and more tenants are concerned with staying physically active, especially if they do office work all day. An on-campus gym can be an extremely attractive prospect for health-conscious renters; and if they love sports, then tennis and basketball courts can also be a huge draw. Of course, it’s important to keep all of these facilities well-maintained in order for them to remain a major selling point.

3. Pet Services

24% of renters look for complexes that offer pet services.

For many renters, their pets are like beloved children. They will do everything within their power to keep their pets healthy, happy, and active.

Offering onsite pet services can really make your apartment complex stand out from the competition. For example, having a dog park on the premises can save tenants precious time and fuel each week; and a pet spa will be a huge bonus for renters who enjoy “spoiling” their pets now and again.

4. Outdoor Kitchen/Dining Areas

24% of prospective tenants view outdoor kitchens/dining areas as an important amenity.

On those warm summer nights or crisp fall evenings, outdoor dining can be a real treat. Whether your tenants want to fire up the grill or simply enjoy the fresh air while eating their stove-cooked meals, having an outdoor dining area (either for each individual unit, or as a community space) is certainly a big plus for your complex.

5. Package Management System

Approximately 18% of renters look for an efficient package management system when selecting their next apartment complex.

More people than ever before are doing their shopping online — which means they want their packages delivered to them without any frustrating mix-ups or hassle. That’s not to mention tenants who rely on parcel services for their work, for sending and receiving important documents, and for other vital communications.

Tenants looking at apartment complexes want assurance that their packages won’t get lost in the shuffle, or get delivered to the wrong door. If you have a streamlined package management system that works well, then you have a key advantage over other complexes that treat tenants’ mail like the lottery — they may get their packages, but they have a greater chance of being struck by lightning.

6. Lap and Lounging Pools

17% of renters prefer properties with a lap and lounging pool.

Community pools offer a little bit of everything. They can be a great source of exercise, both for hard-core fitness fanatics and those who prefer more casual workouts. They can be fun for kids, and beneficial for seniors. They can also be great spots for socializing. Having one or more pools on your property might be a “deal-maker” for tenants who love spending time in the water.

7. Community Garden

16% of renters want to enjoy a community garden on the premises of their complex.

There are few things more relaxing than spending time in a well-kept, beautifully arranged garden. It can be a getaway from the stress of daily life, and an oasis of calm in the midst of a hectic schedule.

Keeping a garden on the premises can be an excellent selling point for prospective tenants. Not only does it add some serious “curb appeal” to your property, but it also demonstrates the effort you’re willing to put into maintaining the property.

8. Co-working Space

16% of prospective tenants want to use co-working spaces on their rental property.

Co-working spaces are all the rage in some parts of the country. It’s liberating to occasionally step outside your little bubble, and work in a new environment. That’s one reason why coffee shops are so popular among remote workers and digital nomads.

If your complex has a dedicated co-working space, then your tenants won’t have to even leave the property to get a fresh perspective on their work. This can be a huge draw for renters, especially if they work from home.

9. Green Space/Rooftop Deck/Courtyard

15% of renters view a green space, rooftop deck, or courtyard as a top amenity.

Finally, renters are also attracted to complexes that have a “green space,” rooftop deck, or courtyard that offers scenic views and a measure of solitude. Of course, complexes with green roofs also score points for being environmentally conscious.

Leveraging Your Amenities to Attract Renters

While the above list is by no means comprehensive, one of the 9 amenities mentioned may be the very feature that convinces a tenant to sign a lease with your company. If you’re planning to perform renovations on your complex in the future, you should definitely consider including as many of these amenities as possible. It may cost more upfront, but the appeal that your property will have for prospective renters will more than make up for that initial investment.

Of course, even if you can offer all of these amenities to your audience, it’s still important to effectively advertise them. After all, if your prospects don’t know what your complex offers, they’ll never know what they’re missing. That’s where Lease Placer comes into the picture. We can help you to properly advertise all of your amenities to attract those high-value leads you want. If you’d like to learn more about how our solution works, reach out to us today.

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