Apartment TrendsProspective Apartment Tenants: Top 12 Questions Being Asked on Tours

July 23, 2021

Choosing the perfect apartment is a process. Prospective apartment tenants are looking for a place that suits their individual needs, and not everyone is looking for the same characteristics. Having a wide breadth of knowledge will help you be prepared to answer questions and address concerns. The more knowledgeable you are, the more at ease the prospective apartment tenants will be, and the easier it is for them to decide if the apartment is the right choice. Below we go over common questions that are likely to come up in apartment tours.

Pet Policy

Dogs are a man’s best friend, they say. Tenants will want to know if pets are allowed and what kinds. Some apartments allow for small pets or cats only. Other places allow dogs, but there are size or breed restrictions. Often there are also costs associated with pets. If there is a pet deposit, knowing the amount is important. If there is a monthly fee, that is also important to note. Knowing the ins and outs of pet policies will assure that an apartment is the right fit and ensure less headache down the road.

Pet policies for apartments.


School District

Prospective apartment tenants with children will definitely want to know details about the school district. Knowing what the assigned schools are is vital. Having information about how far the schools are from the apartment and the size of the school is also crucial. In addition, it is also a good idea to keep specific information like Greater School Scores on hand. Sometimes, a school district is a make or break for families.


Crime Rates

When prospective apartment tenants are looking for a new place to live, they are likely to ask about the dynamics of the neighbourhood and the crime rates. Giving them a general idea of what they can expect from the community can help them decide if it is the right fit. Having crime rate information on hand is also a fantastic idea.


Breaking a Lease

People who are uncertain about how long they will be in one place might want to know specifics about getting out of a lease. Some leases allow for exceptions like job transfers. Others charge an early termination fee.


Guest Policy

If tenants have family or a partner that stays with them often, they will want to know the guest policy’s specifics. While a landlord can not stop a tenant from having a guest, many prefer not to have a long-term one. Landlords will sometimes put clauses in the lease as to how long a guest can stay without being considered a tenant themselves. They also can state how many guests are allowed to avoid large gatherings that can disturb the community.


Maintenance Requests

Everyone wants a clean, functioning place to live. Tenants will want to know what they are responsible for versus the apartment management. Providing the tenant information about how to submit maintenance requests, who fulfil the requests, and how long it typically takes is essential. Giving the prospective apartment tenants peace of mind that they won’t have to deal with a broken shower for a week can be the difference between them signing the lease or not.



Even though apartments are rentals, they become a tenant’s home. The tenant will want to make their space feel like home. Different complexes allow for different customizations. Some enable the tenants to paint walls and specify whether the walls need repainting before the tenant moves out. Other landlords are particular about if and how tenants can put things on the wall. Other customizations a tenant might inquire about include security systems, lighting, and appliances. Being prepared for requests will make a tour much smoother.


Smoking Policy

While giving apartment tours, a portion of prospective apartment tenants will smoke. They will want to know where they can smoke. Some communities allow smoking in units. Many do not. Other communities allow smoking on patios or balconies. Many do not allow smoking at all except for in designated smoking areas.

Of course, many tenants will not ask about cigarette smoke but instead marijuana. With marijuana legalization in many states, this is becoming a more and more valid concern, and knowing if and where this is permissible on the property is requisite.


Patio and Balcony Policy

If the unit you are giving a tour of has a balcony or patio, a tenant is likely to ask what is permissible to put on it. Some properties have policies and restrictions on plants. Others have policies on things like barbecues. Informing prospective apartment tenants what they are allowed to do on their patio or balcony will ensure the safety and happiness of everyone.



Different landlords or management agencies cover various utilities. On the apartment tour, tenants will want to know which utilities they are responsible for. Some apartments cover only water and trash, while others cover everything. Other apartments leave it to the tenant to pay all utilities. There are other situations where a landlord will cover electricity until it hits a specific dollar amount, and the tenant is responsible for the rest. Utilities can make a significant impact on how much it costs to live in an apartment. Knowing what is covered will help prospective apartment tenants decide if they can comfortably afford the whole amount.



Knowing the parking situation is important to prospective apartment tenants. They will want to know if there is an additional parking fee, how many spaces they can have, and if the spots are assigned. They might also ask about street parking alternatives as well as guest parking policies. Knowing the safety of the parking situation is also essential. Are the grounds patrolled? You should know what type of security system is in place for their peace of mind.



Part of the draw of an apartment in the community amenities. Tenants will want to know if there is a fitness center, pool, business center, and more. Knowing precisely what is available and the times that are accessible can be important to a tenant. They also should be informed if there are any additional fees associated with any of the amenities, such as fitness classes or rentals.

Knowing the ins and outs of common questions is vital to a successful apartment tour. Knowing some of the more specific or obscure information can not only impress a prospective client but lead them to sign a lease. Also, knowing specifics can help both tenant and landlord decide if a property is perhaps not a good fit after all. For any further questions or inquiries, contact us today.

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